Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Some days go so wonderful and some days are completely the opposite. Yesterday the boys could not have been better. I even wondered if they were our children or if they sniffed too much of something. Of course I am being silly but really - How can things seem to change overnight.
Yesterday evening after finishing working on the boys clubhouse for the day, my husband requested that he cook dinner. So off to the kitchen he went while I feed the horses and the boys took their baths. Our 2 oldest boys decided that they wanted to set the table. They informed the rest of us that we were not allowed out of the den. We could hear them in the dining room just a giggling and saying things like this is really special and so on. Then they had us all line up and march into the dining room. I was thinking - hmmm....Now what can they be up to. They had set the table, took all of the food to the table, fixed everyones drinks and to my surprise, they had even fixed everyones plate. All we had to do was sit down in our chairs, bow our heads in prayer and then eat supper. I still am in shock that they went to that extent. We all thanked them over and over again. I gave them both a big hug and a kiss and told them how extremely impressed and thankful that I was.

This morning I woke and our 2 oldest that camped in the yard last night were in the house and watching a movie. They saw me and this is how they greeted me - "Mom, there is a giant jumping spider in our tent"! I thought it was so cute because they were so serious. Now - how in the world will they ever survive hunting with their dad?! LOL

Flip side of the coing. Somehow, someway today just turned all upside down. One of the kids took some of the others money because he thought that his brother owed it to him for something that he bought way before Christmas. I know it's confussing but kids will really pick some of the oddest things to quarrel about. Then on top of taking the money, he lied about it. They just went from one extreme to another. Now I have one on restriction. It seems like one of the 3 boys are always on restriction. But I have to look at how much improvement that all 3 of the boys have made in the short time that they have lived with us. I am sure that with every day that things will continue to improve and of couse there will be days when we take 2 steps backwards. Without mistakes we could never learn.

And just to let you know - I keep telling my husband that they are like Dr Hekyll and Mr Jyde. Spoonerism - gotta love em!


karisma said...

Welcome to motherhood. They are VERY normal. Kids always fight, I have not met a single family that says otherwise. Its all a part of growing up in a famlly! Enjoy!

Alta aka k9 said...

I know you are right on target. I remember our me and my sister were. And of course I have been a nanny to several children and I have seen how they are. It is kinda funny actually. And to think that at that age, I thought my parents didn't have a clue. LOL I sure was wrong!