Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superman Gets Attacked

I declare! My husband is always the silly one. He sent me an instant message last night telling me that he had found the property that would be perfect for us. Then he gets side tracked and has to tell me about being charged by 3 deer and attacked by a flying squirrel. I'm im'ing him asking all kinds of questions about the property and he tells me to stand by. LOL He has got to tell me the story! So I stand by.

First let me tell you that Superman is not a wimp, he is almost 6 foot tall and weighs in at around 265. His arms are like rocks. Ok, on to tell you (in his words) about his attack.

Superman: i was attacket by a flying squirl and charged by 3 deer on it
Me: no way
Superman: yes the squirl attacked me
Me: how
Superman: ok just read and i will tell ya
Me: ok
Superman: went on it with a nice white haired lady
Superman: she showed me the drive and i said i wanted to walk it so she left me there
Superman: i walked down the middle and around a bend into a clearing
Superman: i said this is where we will build the barn
Superman: went through the cleearing and over a small hill into a second clearing
Superman: i said there is where we will hunt the deer
Superman: walked out into the small clearing and jumped three deer
Superman: this scared the squirl
Me: lol
Superman: not done yet
Me: ok
Superman: the squirl was 40 feet away in a tree and said its time to fly
Superman: i saw it jump and thought it was a bird at first
Superman: then it began to fall
Superman: i began to duck, 40 feet away
Superman: it kept falling and i kept ducking
Superman: then it hit the ground with a little squeek
Superman: I was almost at the ground and made a big squeek
Superman: time of incident
Superman: 3 seconds
Superman: time to laugh and recover
Superman: 5 minutes

Now the fun part of the whole story will be when he gets home and tells it to the boys. I am sure that they will be rolling on the floor laughing.


Kristina said...

This story is hilarious! And it almost eclipses the little part about you possibly having found your land! Congratulations--and thank you for your kind thoughts in conjunction with our search, too. =)

Kristina (aka KitchenWitch)

Alta said...

Thank you for your comment Kristina! There are 2 things for certain.
1. Superman is very animated and makes us laugh all the time.
2. When the time is right - it will happen.