Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another Weekend Stay Over

What a wonderful weekend we had with the boys! I must say that things are really moving very nicely. It seems more difficult to return the boys to their foster homes after each visit with us.

What we did...
We picked them up on Friday afternoon and we went to Cracker Barrel and ate a great dinner. The boys are still excited every time we pick them up. But shoot - so are we.
After our dinner, we went to Walmart where they each picked out a comforter for their new beds. Yes - we bought new beds for them on Wednesday and got them all set up with everything except the comforter. All three of the boys got to pick a comforter that they wanted and that they liked.
They also each got a new pair of jeans. Two of the boys have somehow and from somewhere picked up the habit of wearing the droopy/baggie pants that the crotch hangs to their knees and their underwear shows (unless their shirt is long enough to cover). My husband and I were not raised that way and we do not believe that is how it should be. We know what those droopy/baggie pants represent and we do not agree with it. And besides that - what do you think will happen the first time they try to play and work on a farm with those droopy/baggie pants. Yeah - they could just be hanging by the seat of their pants on a fence post... LOL So they each one got a pair of Wrangler jeans. Something that will actually last on the farm. Well until they outgrow them.
At one point I thought there may be a problem that the droopy/baggie pants were going away, however, once we explained that we prefer them to wear other pants, the boys were fine with it. They even ask if they could have more jeans like we bought them. Amazing how patience and love works.
We finally made it home where they grabbed their new comforters out of the car and headed inside and started opening the comforters and putting them on their beds. Proud is what I would call it! It was wonderful!
We all settled down with a movie and then off to bed.

Saturday was wonderful also. Out of bed, teeth brushed and breakfast was done and outside to play. We played softball and we worked on our farm truck. Once the farm truck was done we hooked up the trailer and went and got a truck and trailer load of hay for the horses. The boys loved it. One of the neighbor kids came over and played ball then went and got hay with us.
Oh yeah! We also bought a vehicle on Thursday that we could all ride in. WoooHooo - moving right along!
After buying hay, we had to unload it and stack it in the barn. All 3 of the boys ask if we could wait and buy hay again until they came back because they wanted to go and do it again. Even the neighbor kid wants to go with us the next time too. They wasn't any talk about video games or anything like that. It was great. And they seem to be fitting in really wonderful.
After unloading hay we all got baths and cooked a great homemade dinner. The boys appetite was - how do I say this - Ok - they were HUNGRY!

Sunday - Out of bed, teeth brushed and breakfast. We took the boys to meet my husbands parents. Everything went great and the kids and the adults were all excited.
Of course Sunday is the day they have to return to their foster homes. All 3 of them wanted to stay with us. They keep asking how long before they can be adopted. And once again we have to explain the process to them. We are all counting down the time.

It isn't easy to return them to foster care. It isn't easy to tell them we will see them in 2 weeks. It's hard on us and it's hard on them. However, this is the process.

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