Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just When I Thought

Today I did some general little chores outside. It was cool this morning and rainy, so I thought I may just hang around inside and get a few things done online. I kept looking out the window and it seemed to be clearing. So off I went to dress for the coolness and the dampness.

I cleaned the horses stalls and around their hay feeder. Decided that I really needed to take some hay off of the trailer and put it in the barn for easier access. I open the barn, pull the 4 wheeler out of the barn and get about half way across the pasture and it started to rain a little. I thought - well I will be done in no time, so I won't get very wet. Now on the 4 wheeler I can only haul 2 bales of hay at a time, unless I hook up the trailer. By the way - we use our 4 wheeler like a tractor. Only because we don't own a tractor - Yet. So I started hauling hay and the rain got heavier. I hauled a total of 6 bales, which amounted to 3 trips from the trailer to the barn. At first just the front half of me got wet, not to mention my glassess. Then of course the seat got wet and I had to sit down on the 4 wheeler. Now my back side was wet too.

Now I'm thinking - hmmm - I can't get any wetter than this. I was sadly mistaken. While I was hauling the hay I got the 4 wheeler covered in hay, so I thought I would rinse it off. We don't need any incouragement for the rats to gnaw holes in anything - LOL. In rising the hay off it made a puddle and of course I just had to step in it and it went over the top of my muck boots. Silly me. Guess I really need a taller muck boot. With the 4 wheeler all rinsed off and wet from front to back and one shoe filled with mud, I thought that I would put the 4 wheeler away. In my haste to hurry out of the rain, I have no idea why, because I was already wet, I forgot to close the gate. As they say - haste makes waste.

The horses can spot an open gate for a mile away - so it seems. Off they ran, through the gate, kicking and bucking and just having a grand ole time. I love to watch them in their friskyness. They really do have such grace and elegance. We played the catching game for about 5 minutes. Me walking from the top of the property to the bottom then from side to side and the horses running and bucking and playing with me the whole time. They are so silly. Why is it they can spot the open gate to get out for a mile away but not the open gate to get back in when it is right in front of them. They know where the gate is - they just wanted to play. As we played our catching game it began to rain. I don't mean just drizzle, I mean the bottom fell out. So just when I thought I couldn't get any wetter...

After my 5 minutes of exercise that the horse just knew that I needed to walk off some of my Christmas goodies and my New Years day meal, they decided that I had had enough and found the open gate. They are now standing in their paddock swishing their tales and just laughing at me.

I really do love this life and hope to have a larger piece of property for the horses to exercise me on.

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