Monday, January 08, 2007

Our 1st Weekend Stay Over

Ok - we did it! We had our first weekend stay over with the boys. We all had a really good time. Of course we still have to think this out and so do the boys. It is not easy for us because we are so used to a quiet house, one that is organized and calm. But the laughter and the love of the boys is so welcomed and pleasant.

We picked the boys up Friday evening and brought them to our home. They ask all the way "Are we there yet?" They were so excited just to see where we live. Finally they got to see. They wanted to touch everything! And yes I mean everything! They got a tour of the house and they talked and talked and talked... It is rather amusing! We at pizza and talked then we all settled down and watched a movie. Bedtime - finally! Awwww!

Saturday - We played and we did a few things that are in our daily routine. We mucked the stalls, we played, hauled some hay, pulled 2 stumps, ate lunch, picked up our tools, fed the critters, played, roasted hot dogs, got our showers and settled down with a blanket and a movie.
Doesn't seem like much, however, add in a "Monster Truck" (our 4 wheel drive farm truck) and a 4 wheeler with a trailer, now you got some fun for 3 very active boys. They drove the "Monster Truck" and the 4 wheeler and ride a horse. Now throw in about a million questions from 3 boys. It sure is starting to sound kinda like a zoo! Now throw in 3 neighbor kids! Oh boy! What a day we had. Once again it is not easy to show our excitement here. But we really have another great day with the boys. And not to mislead you, there were ups and downs and of course there is always the penalty box.

Sunday - Relaxing - We all just kinda did our own thing. Showing the boys how once they woke up that they could do their own thing without so much supervision. They really enjoyed this also.

Of course the time always approaches too fast to return them to their foster homes. They all said they didn't want to go, that they wanted to stay with us. They ask questions about the adoption process and wanted to know how long before they could come and live with us. Remember that to a child a day seems like a week and a week seems like a month. Waiting on a birthday or on Christmas means waiting a lifetime to a child. We answer their questions and prepare for more questions.

In this process of the adoption it is commonly referred to as the Honeymoon phase. Everyone seems to be on their best behavior and everyone is excited. Once things settle down and a normal life style sets in, things generally change. So many steps and phases and hoops to jump through. A major hoop that we have to jump through right now is getting a vehicle that will haul all of us at the same time and getting 3 beds for the boys.

2 weeks - we have to wait 2 weeks to get the boys again. This is just how our schedule is working right now. It will seem like 2 years for the boys and I know that it will seem like forever for us. During the 2 weeks we will call them and we will send them little notes in the mail just to let them know that we haven't forgotten about them.

This is not an easy process, however, it is something that we have to go through. I will be posting updates as they happen.

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