Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our Readers Want to Know

Our readers have ask about our adoption and they want to hear more...

Thank you for reading our blog and anticipating our adoption. It is late and I so wanted to go to bed. LOL However, I thought I would run through my emails and I had several friends wanting to know if we were any closer to adopting.

We visited with the boys today! Today was our 2nd visit. And today we did not have to have a case worker or anyone but us and the boys. Of course we were all excited and I think some if not all of us are still excited. It was a wonderful day and we are still making progress.

I have an area on the blog that you can sign up to get updates. It will be in the form of a newsletter. But of course that is taking me some time to set up so it may be a few weeks before I get the newsletter set up.
I plan on posting an update on the blog on Wednesday, however, it may be on Thursday.

Your kind words and gentle support is greatly appreciated,

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