Monday, January 01, 2007

Time to check them out

If you have not checked out our Stuff A Friend then you really don't know what you are missing. Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer. I know - we just got through Christmas. I suggest that you start thinking now for Valentine's Day and avoid the last minute Jiffy store purchase. Those items at the Jiffy store can be tacky! Tacky is a new word for me today, since I heard my Mother In Law use it several times.

At Stuff A Friend we have some lovely Friends! Our friends are unique and special. Why? Because our friends Kits Come with -
Stuffing, Instructions, Wishing Star, Birth Certificate and Take Home Box.
Not just another stuffed animal. You stuff these yourself with easy to follow Instructions. A Wishing Star that you make a special wish on. A Birth Certificate that is special and unique to your friend. And a Take Home Box for a safe trip for your friend.

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