Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our 2nd Visit with the Boys

What another exciting day! We picked the boys up yesterday. Yes - we picked them up, no case workers etc... Just us and the boys. Once again I will try to show my excitement here, but it isn't easy because we really am running around the yard doing cart wheels.

Some disappointments today. Don't worry, nothing went wrong and all in all it was a good day. We were going to take the boys to skate board, once we got to the skateboard park, it was closed. And the park did not open until 4pm. Of course we had to have the boys back at 3pm, so that was one little pot hole in our day. The five of us came up with Plan B. Yes, we all 5 come up with something else that we could do and still have fun. Life if full of little disappointments like that and teaching a child to deal with those disappointments can sometimes be a challenge. However, today we met our challenge head on and we dealt with it in a positive way.

We found another park where the boys could get out and run and play and toss a football. Tackle football, I should say. Of course we were in the game too! We ran, we laughed, we tackled and we laughed some more!

Now for a little shopping experience with the boys. The youngest one (9) likes to just run off. He doesn't know the importance of staying together. However, he is learning. He got put in what my husband calls the penalty box. But only for a short time. We saw how he handled disipline and we were pleased with the results. The 2 older boys observed the disipline and they will all learn from association. What amazed me was that during his time in the penalty box he ask me if we were going to be their new mom and dad. I ask him if that is what he still wanted, even though he got in trouble. And he said "Yes".

We took the boys to an amuzement park. Because of our time schedule we could only stay at the park for an hour. Of course they didn't want to leave when the hour was up - that is very typical with children. But we all gathered up as a family without any argument from the boys and were able to leave and still be on time.

On the way to take the boys back to their foster homes they were full of questions. When could they come and stay with us? When would they see us again? When would we pick them up again? Can I have a stereo? Can I have a dirt bike? And a lot more questions. You can just see and hear their excitement!

We explained to the boys today that we are not a rich family, however, we have a lot of love to give. We saw three beautiful smiles as their response!

After we dropped the boys off at their foster homes - my husband just talked and talked and talked about them. After the first visit it was me that just went on and on... It is exciting to know that we are all excited and can hardly wait until our next visit.

Our next visit - hopefully that will be this weekend. We are hoping to have them stay at our house for 2 nights. We believe that it is time to put the boys in our environment and let them see how we live on a daily basis. Everyday is not amusement parks and skateboarding and a Fairy Tale. We do not want the boys to have a misconception of our life. We want them to know that there are animals to feed and care for, there are meals to prepare and dishes to do. They need to interact with us as we go to work and how our schedules are. How will they act and react to the daily routine and daily life? We don't know. We do know that if we continue to pick them up and run off to parks and play games and so on that they will think this is all fun and games. It's not. But I can sure tell you this - we love, we laugh and we enjoy life and that is what we want to share with these boys!

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