Wednesday, January 03, 2007

For The Boys

Something I am not sure about. There are alot of thoughts that goes through ones mind. Our minds are racing with thoughts of the boys and providing for them. Life is not a Fairy Tale and it should not be portrayed as one.
My husband and I have never had children so there are alot of things that we don't have. We have to buy another vehicle, one that will haul all 5 of us, one that is safe and dependable. We are vehicle shopping and they sure aren't cheap. We have to shop for a vehicle that will support all of our needs. In other words - why buy a mini van if we need a truck. Our thoughts are to buy a truck, a 4 door truck. That way we can all ride together, haul the boys bikes, pull a trailer to go get hay and feed for the horses, buy groceries and so on. We think we are thinking smart.

Our biggest concern is this...Beds. We have got to have beds for the boys. Not just because they need them and we don't have any, but because the Childrens Home Society requires them before the children can be placed in our home. Fact of life! Don't even think that we cannot afford to raise them. We can afford to raise them - it's just that so many things will need to be done before they can be placed in our home. Some things are not expensive and some things are expensive.

Right now we have to buy beds. Nope they don't have to be new beds or fancy beds. Just a bed. We thought that it would be good to buy bunk beds. They seem to be the most cost efficient and would support the need for the boys. If there is anyway that anyone can help us with the purchase of beds for the boys it would be greatly appreciated. This is something that we hate to ask for is help on this. I have added a donation button in case anyone would consider making a donation. I can assure everyone that the donation will be used to purchase beds for the boys.

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