Sunday, September 02, 2007

Because We Can

The boys took a vote and decided to have school on the holiday. We will be out of town starting on Friday and I talked to the boys about doing school on Monday (the holiday) and not having school on Friday or take Monday off and do school on Friday. They voted and decided to take Friday off. I am glad that's the decision they made. Superman will be off from work on Monday, and that will make it a lot easier on me with the boys and their school work.

The boys all have test tomorrow and we have been having them study the last couple of days. JD always wants to study in his room, but he has no self discipline and he starts to wander off from his books (studies). WW and MJ know that they need to study and they both work really hard on it. If I could give them both a passing grade just for how much they apply themselves, then I would.

Tonight Superman helped me out with the boys by asking them a few questions that would be on their test. He also made a few suggestions of a few things that I could do. Very good suggestions too. One of them was with the test that is coming up. It is fill in the blank and there is no way the boys are ready for that. So...Superman suggested that I make a multiple choice sheet to go along with the test. I just finished creating it, double checking it and printing it out. I think it will really help the boys.

I'm not giving them the answers by no means. You have to understand that these boys have been held back because of their history. They have no idea how to take notes or study for a test. They just have not been exposed to general things dealing with everyday life. We are hoping that at some point they will just take off, but if they don't that's ok too. We're all here for each other.

Why - Because we can.

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