Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mud Bogging

Have you ever been mud bogging? I have - many, many times and I love it.
Many years ago, when I was much younger (in another life) we used to go mud bogging. As life moved on, so did my mud bogging. Oh from time to time Superman and I have played in the mud. Find a little slick spot in the hunting club or on the 4 wheeler trail and can't resist spinning the tires.

Superman has been doing a little research on 4 wheelers and trail riding and such. He found a wonderful place for us to go and play in the mud. It's called Ocean Pond. It's kinda pricey ($15 per person over 10 years old). We had to pay for 4 of us and MJ got in free. We took our 4 wheeler and all of us got as muddy as we could. It was a blast! Not only are there places to play in the mud, but there are dirt bike trails and 4 wheeler trails. There were monster trucks and 4 wheelers. There were little kids and big kids. There were boys and girls and men and women. Anyone that played in the mud or even close to the mud, got muddy. Of course I didn't even think about taking my camera until we were there. It's almost an hour drive from where we live but well worth the drive.

Since I didn't take my camera there aren't any pictures of us. However, I did manage to get a few pictures from the website (with permission, of course). I hope you enjoy them!

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