Monday, September 17, 2007

Over The Weekend

I just logged onto my computer this morning and I didn't remember what day it was. I really thought it was Thursday or Friday. My goodness where did the weekend go? I did the same thing with the month last night. I mean it was just August and now it is September and the middle of September to boot.
Now that I have established that I did actually go through a weekend, here's what we did.

A birthday party on Saturday. We had MJ's birthday party on Saturday. It was wonderful! Granny Karen and MJ had worked all week on making a pinata in the shape of a rabbit. It was pretty darn cool. I procrastinated and waited until Friday night to order the cake (not a good thing). Oh well! So I put together the most adorable little bunny cake. MJ said he wanted a rabbit cake and that's what he would get. I was up til way after midnight making a rabbit cake for my little guy. It was adorable!

Gifts! OH MY! He was so happy with all of his gifts. He kept saying this was the best birthday ever. He actually made me cry when he said that. Just a reminder that our boys are adopted and this is their first birthday with us.

Monday is actually MJ's birthday. The day my little buddy turns 10.

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karisma said...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ" I hope you have a lovely day!