Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thursday and Friday

Where oh where do I start!?
What a weekend - and a really good one at that.
We left home on Thursday around 6pm and drove right at 60 miles to my father in laws house. Our plans were to spend the night and have him drive us to the airport Friday morning. Things sure can get mixed up sometimes. LOL

Superman was supposed to get off from work early but of course things happen. He managed to actually get off from work later than usual. He was definitely not a happy camper about that. The boys and I ran all day to make sure that everything was taken care of around home before we left for Missouri. The boys were a wonderful help and they were really worried about their dad because he didn't get to come home early. They were actually upset with their dad's job because of that. We both explained that things like that happen sometimes and we just have to deal with those things when they happen.
We drove to Grandpa's house, had supper and started to settle down for the night. Everyone was so excited about getting on the plane on Friday and it really was hard to sleep. The boys finally settled down and it took them all of about 3 minutes to actually get to sleep. I think Superman and I finally fell asleep around midnight. I kept waking up because I just knew the darn alarm clock wouldn't go off or wake us up. Finally I woke up around 2am and just could not fall back asleep. 3am rolled around and I started waking everyone up and getting the boys dressed, teeth brushed and in the car.

Somewhere in here I need to tell you this...We had this all planned out for over 2 weeks about staying at my father in laws (Grandpa) house. Him and his wife were supposed to cook supper for us. So Superman calls me when he is on his way home and said something about his dad and supper. I think I just half listened. When Superman rolls in and we all pack into the car and roll out the gate, he looks at me and says "My dad said that we are having hot dogs for supper". I thought I would puke right then and there. Oh don't get me wrong - I really like hot dogs, but not as a main course. I just looked over at Superman and said, "I have got to have something to eat other than hot dogs". Nuff said!
We did have something different for supper. Thank goodness!

5am we roll into the airport. My first flight! I loved it! The boys first flight! The boys loved it! Getting checked in and through security was really easy. The boys manners and behavior were excellent. Superman actually saw and talked to some friends that he used to work with. We introduced them to our boys and told them about the adoption. Superman just glowed when he talked about the boys.
Time to board the plane. We boarded without any problems, sat in our little seats and the boys just kept asking questions about what this was and what that is and how this works and on and on...JD made sure that I sat beside him. He would have it no other way.
So many people at the airport and on the plane talked to the boys and made them feel really important. I was so proud of them!
Landing in St. Louis was a little rough. It was raining and the winds were blowing around 15 mph. Can you say "Turbulence"? Yes, we hit a little turbulence. JD was a little scared and he made sure that I was right there and I had to be touching him. I reassured him that I wasn't going anywhere and everything would be just fine. WW and MJ were fine with all of it. MJ actually laughed when we got into the turbulence. He is so darn silly anyway.
We grabbed our luggage, caught the shuttle bus and headed to pick up our rental car. I have to say that all 3 of the boys thought they were royalty. They have never been treated so nice. They had never been in a brand new car (our rental car), never stayed in a motel or a hotel and so many other things. They just seemed to glow!

Off in the rental car and headed to Summersville, Missouri - a 2 hour ride and beautiful scenery.


karisma said...

Turbulence! I would have been scared too! Sounds like a great trip though!

Alta said...

It was a really good trip.