Sunday, September 09, 2007

Summersville Missouri

We all piled into the rental car. A really nice mid size SUV. The boys had plenty of room and there was lots of room for our luggage in the back.
It was about a 2 hour drive to Houston, Missouri. We went up hills and down hills. The boys had never seen foothills or mountains. We were in the Ozark Mountain Foothills. Beside the road there are cut outs in the mountains. Beautiful rock formations. Superman and I explained (as best we could) about how this was done. My dad used to work on roads and he had explained to me years ago. All of the boys ask question after question about the process and of course they wanted to know why. The "why" question comes up a lot. But that's ok with us.
Once we got in Houston, we had some paperwork to take care of with the property. We had told the boys that Friday would be for business and Saturday would be for fun. They were just fine with that. Not only were the boys fine with us taking care of business but their behaviour was excellent. I'll tell you all about a little issue with the closing of the property sale in a little bit.

After all the business with the property was taken care of we headed to see the property. OH MY! Beautiful! Superman had some concerns that I wouldn't like the property. I loved it! The boys loved it!
We took a little drive around the area of the property so that we could see the country side. Superman also took us to a State park that is a 15 minute drive from the property. 15 minutes and we can be swimming and playing. The park is Alley Springs. Around the springs there is a trail that you can walk on. On the side of the trail there are caves where the Osage Indians lived. What a History lesson for the boys! They were amazed that the Indians lived there at one time.

Easement issue with the property. Superman called about a week before we were to meet with the realtor, to double check on our appointment time and to ask about any easements on the property. The realtor told Superman that if he wanted to know about easements and such that he (Superman) would have to call the Court House. Now wait a minute here. Why can't the realtor call and make sure that things with the property are taken care of and that there are not any legal issues with the property. It really kinda ticked us off that the realtor wouldn't make the necessary calls or do the necessary research. Blah, blah, blah...
Woe and behold there's an easement issue. It has to do with a huge power line easement.
To make a long story short - the title company is working on clearing everything up. The money is in escrow waiting for any legal matters to be taken care of. All people involved in the property are content that everything will be taken care of. Our closing date has been moved up and we will be able to close via mail and email.

Summersville, Missouri is the closest town and it is a po dunk town. The population is less than 600. I like that. We will be close enough to Houston, that we will be able to do most of our shopping there. If we can't find it there, then there are lots of other towns within 50 miles that we will be able to shop at.


karisma said...

Congratulations! Did you take pictures? Where are they? Waiting.....Waiting.....

Sue said...

Congrats! You picked a pretty spot of the Ozarks, I hope you will share some photos?

Alta said...

I know, I'm bad, I didn't do the picture thing. So, so sorry!