Thursday, September 20, 2007

Family Life

What in the world has happened to the family life? What every happened to sitting at the table every night for supper? Well at our house, we have family life. We all sit at the table for supper at least 6 times a week. The other day that we don't sit together at the table is because the boys have youth night at church, Superman could be late getting home from work or maybe one of the boys is spending the night with one of their grandparents. Not only do we sit down at the table as a family, but we discuss things as a family. We talk about our day, no matter what we did. Superman shares stories from his work and we share stories about school, grades, critters, field trips and more.

Television - better known as TV. I can honestly say that I have not watched TV since 1994. I am extremely proud that I am not programed by TV. Superman hasn't watched TV since 2001. We have a TV in our home but we don't subscribe to any programming. It's way to expensive and there is more junk on it than anything else. If I were to watch TV, I would either watch the Discovery channel or the History Channel. I actually wish that we had those 2 programs for the boys to watch. I would be very selective in what they watched on them though. I just think that TV is way over rated. Way to many people spend so much time being a zombie to the darn thing.

I remember when I was a kid only having 2 channels to watch. It was ABC or PBS. I remember watching PBS more than anything else. PBS is the channel that me and my sister liked to watch the most. We would watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I grew out of that way before my sister did. At 4pm every weekday we always watched Dialing For Dollars. They would have a 2 hour movie on and during the breaks the host of the show would call a phone number, if the person that answered the phone knew the dollar amount then they would win that money. If they didn't know the dollar amount then it would roll over to the next call. I don't remember how much money it was or how the jackpot grew. I know that we didn't have a phone, so it really didn't matter to us. LOL

I believe that homeschoolers are bringing back the family life. I believe they are bringing back the values and the morals that every family needs and wants. Material items have become more important in day to day life. Not in our family. Family life is the most important to us.

Keep the Family life home fires burning!

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Bright Meadow Farms said...

Ha! My husband and I are average consumers, but we're not tied to the cable or satellite companies either. That is one thing that drew us together 10 years ago when we met. Life is so very much more interesting than TV!

I stopped by to let you know about a contest on my blog