Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Somewhere Along The Way

Ok - so Somewhere along the way I think I got lost. I have been trying to get caught up from the weekend. Laundry has become a mountain. What the heck happened? Unpack this, unpack that. Oh yeah, I am ate up with chigger bites and I am washing every thing that I have had contact with. That's where the mountain of laundry came from. At least all the darn chiggers will drown.

Have you ever had a chigger bite? It is the most painful, itchy, burning feeling I have ever experienced. I have read several post on different forums that said something like this..."Does anyone know what I can use on chigger bites that will stop the itching before I loose my mind". That's exactly how I feel. The itching is just horrible, I mean to the point that it will wake you up at night. I think I have tried everything for the itching - I've tried calla everything - I've tried finger nail polish, deodorant, bleach, vinegar, bacon grease, Vaseline, lamp oil and on and on. Finally I tried Desitin (yes the diaper rash stuff). It works! I finally got a full nights sleep without waking up itching so bad that I wanted to scream. I am now a believer in Desitin. I have also used it on my horses for something called Mud Fever. It's a rashy thing they get on their feet, just above the hoofs. The Mud Fever mostly affects white feet. Kinda odd I know but that's the way it is.

We are now in our 4th week of home school and some days are rough. We do have more good days than bad days and that's always a good thing.
JD of course gives me the most problems. I am trying really, really hard to help him overcome some of issues and I think if we just keep on the path that we are on, it may just all come together.
WW is just wanting to go on by himself. I am ready to let him just take on off but I have some concerns about that. Maybe I just need to wean him a little at a time.
MJ is zipping through his lessons. I think he is just so darn cute with his little professor self. I really think that he is going to do really, really well.

On our trip to Missouri everyone either had a summer cold or caught a summer cold, except me. LOL I just had to wait until we got home to start feeling cruddy. Today I feel the worst. I don't have much patience today either. Probably because I feel so darn bad.

Ok, I am outta here to grade a couple of test. Wish me luck! LOL

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