Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kitty Found Us

Friday -
School didn't go very well for JD. Well maybe I should say that JD acted out and had to spend some time in his room. He just does not want to do anything that is related to school. He does not want to read. JD will just write down any answer. The question ask "who" and he puts down a date that he remembers from the book. He scanned over the reading and saw a number and that was it.

Finally much later in the afternoon, I had reached my limit on the amount of whining that I could listen to. I had an errand to do, so I loaded up the kids and off we went. Walmart was so crowded and the customer service was horrible. I waited in the pet food section for 22 minutes and numerous times of having someone paged before someone finally showed up to help us. Yes that just added to my frustration.
On the way home we all laughed and sang. That way I was able to get rid of some of the frustration.

Sometime before supper the boys were outside playing and one of the neighbor kids ran in the house and said that JD had found a kitten. About that time JD showed up at the back door with the kitten. I grabbed the kitten to help protect him and calm him down. Everyone gathered in the laundry room to see the new critter. Why do all the critters stop at our house? Maybe they know that they will be taken care of. I told everyone that we could not keep him. We have enough to take care of and there is no way that we can keep another cat. Yeah - right!
The kitten somehow managed to get into our back yard and JD saw him climbing a tree. So JD ran over to rescue the little fellow from Rocko. We now know that Rocko really doesn't like cats.

The kitten is safe in MJ's bedroom, all set up with food, water and a little box. This little fellow is so extremely lovable. He loves to sleep right beside you and snuggle with you. We guess that he is about 4 months old.

Not keeping him! We thought that the kitten may belong to the neighbor that lives behind us. It's not their cat. We found that out today. So.....
We're keeping him!

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