Thursday, October 04, 2007

And They Sleep

We all know that cats sleep. A Lot! We picked all 3 of the cats up from the Vets office this morning. I was concerned about the ride home and how the boys and the cats would handle each other. Well, I was concerned for no reason at all. Ok - call me a worry wart!

Everyone did well from their surgery and were ready to go home. When I first saw them all in their kennels at the Vets office, I wanted to run and grab them all and just love on them.
I think I have become a softie after all these years. Really! To the point that yesterday after we dropped the cats off at the Vets office that I was going to cry. We managed to get about 10 minutes down the road and I started to really thinking about them. Thinking about the surgery and if something happened and should I just go and get them or call the Vets office and cancel everything. I had to talk myself out of doing that.

The ride home was not bad at all. Now getting them out of the car was a different story all together. Captain had somehow wedged herself under the front passenger seat. Tiggie, oh he was easy because he had laid down in the back floorboard and went to sleep. Biscuit hid in the very back, in the cargo area. JD and MJ climbed in the cargo area and locked the door. I guess they thought that Biscuit might attack them and open the door and escape. Locking the door sure did prevent that from happening.

Everyone is home at last. Last night it was very quiet here at home. I think the cats must run around the house and make all the noise. Yeah - right! Once we brought all the cats inside, I put them all in my bedroom where it's nice and dark, cold and quiet. Biscuit finally came out about 2 hours later and decided the best place for her was in my lap. Tiggie has just laid around anywhere. It's like he walks 10 feet and then just falls over for a nap. Captain has hid in my bedroom all day. She always has liked it calm and quiet. Finally tonight around 10pm, she came slipping into the den. She paid me a quick visit and was off to grab a few little nibbles of food.

My arms were loaded with medicine for all the cats. I was almost overwhelmed with all the vials and syringes and this and that. At first I thought I was going to pass out. I really was overwhelmed. I started taking notes about the times and such of the meds. Why? Because I didn't want to forget. I was blinded by all the darn things. All the instructions that I needed to know where written on each package.

Instead of all the cats running around and chasing poor Mindy (our Schnauzer), they are all hiding somewhere where they cannot be bothered. I am guessing that Sunday or Monday the normal activity of cats running between our feet while we try to walk will resume. At least now when they grab our feet it won't be with claws.

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karisma said...

I bet your glad its all over? Rupert is re-booked in for Monday and we are still nervous about it. He is so little and our vet seems so unsure as well. But we cannot stand the smell anymore.

I hope the kitties recover quickly! Love and Hugs to them all.