Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on Tigger - Put the Cotton Away

This morning I called the vet and set up a 2:30 afternoon appointment. This appointment was for our vet to see the progress that Tigger had made. Tigger has made a full comeback!
The vet was very impressed with Tigger. Dr. Bennett is our vet. I have been taking my animals to him since the early 80's. He has always been very honest with me and he has always treated my animals the way that I believe they should be treated. Dr. Bennett said "you are very lucky that Tigger made it". According to Dr. Bennett, not many animals in the condition that Tigger was in would have pulled through.

Dr. Bennett ask me where the boys were. I told him and his assistant that I had to have a few minutes with some adults, so I left the boys in the car. He was rather disappointed and he even said so. LOL He said that they are very entertaining and he really enjoys them. He said he didn't have anything to give them and then he ask me if they could each have a syringe. Of course I said yes, so he sent them each a syringe.
On the way home all 3 of the boys played with their syringes. They figured out how to make them stick to their lips and their tongue. JD ask me if they could call him and thank him for the syringes. I think we will all sit down and write a thank you note to Dr. Bennett and all of his staff.

One last thing - When I started to walk out the door, Dr Bennett said, "tell the littlest one that he can put the cotton away".
If you don't remember, when Tigger first got sick and we all took him to the vet, MJ said that if Tigger didn't make it, we were going to stuff him with cotton and keep him.

WoooHooo! Put the cotton away!


karisma said...

Wonderful News! I am so happy for you all.

Sayre said...

Hurray! My brother just lost his buddy of 15 years and is just devastated. I'm glad you all could put off the Grim Reaper for a while. You are blessed with a wonderful vet!