Monday, October 15, 2007

You Gotta Turn Green

Green has really never been my favorite color. But here lately, I am thinking that Green is much better than the other options. Why? What the heck am I talking about? Well, I'm gonna tell ya.

Green is the color that our planet needs to be. I'm not kiddin. You can do a little part to help our planet. It isn't difficult at all. I can't even remember how I found these links, and really, how I found them isn't all that darn important. The fact that I found them and I want to share them with you, is the important part.

I've never really considered myself a tree hugger. That is in the terms that most people around here think of a tree hugger. In the true terms of tree hugger, I am a tree hugger. You don't have to be classified as a tree hugger to utilize any of these ideas. All you have to do to utilize any of these ideas is enjoy breathing. Before we know it, the air we breath isn't going to be breathable anymore. Do something today.

TreeHugger has a plethora of handy guides to help you green your lives with ease, while understanding why. Their aim is over 100+ guides so do come back to visit. And please tell your friends, family and colleagues! Most of us understand that we need to do something, some of us understand what to do but few of us are actually doing anything.

Natural Resources Defense Council has a Green Living Toolkit where you can get the tips and tools you need to help to bring a little green into your life. Check out their guides to saving energy, protecting your health, giving green gifts and more.

I found a lot of these ideas helpful and useful. Our family will be trying a few of them to see if we can help more than we already do. You should try too!


karisma said...

Oh Alta, you sound just like me, two years ago. We really do not get it until we open our eyes do we?

The deeper we breathe, the better we feel. And give me a tree to hug anyday, they have the most amazing energy!

Alta said...

You are so right about them having the most amazing energy! Just like friends like you!