Thursday, October 25, 2007

In the Middle of

Right now I am in the middle of a lot of things. And in general, that's how it is. Some people call it to many irons in the fire. Regardless of what it's called, that's where I'm at.

My family is running from here to there and we seem to be just spinning our wheels. Even with spinning our wheels, things are getting done. Granny Karen is coming home tomorrow from rehab. I am thinking of taking the boys to Publix on Saturday for the pumpkin painting fun. My sister is flying in on the 30th. She even said that she would go Trick or Treating with us. That's gonna be a blast. My mom has surgery on the 31st. I'm still giving Tigger some meds. I just have a couple more days of that. It's not to bad if you hold him right. Yeah - and just how do you hold a cat to shove a pill down his throat? Very carefully!

No matter how many loads of laundry I do in one day, it always seems like the laundry basket is still running over. At least the boys have picked up a lot of the chores and they are even starting to do them without being told. Sometimes I have to give gentle little reminders, but I can deal with that. Every Sunday I assign different chores to everyone. Instead of us trying to remember them, I post them on the refrigerator. I know they all see it on the refrigerator because they drink tea like it's going out of style.

I've been working on a couple of crafts. Yes, more than one. Go figure. I just finished a beautiful baby blanket for a friend. About a week ago, I started an afghan for one of the boys for Christmas. It's camo, which is all 3 of their favorite colors. I wonder how in the world I'm ever gonna tell them apart. Oh well, I'll worry about that later. Today I started making a few more cloth bags. I make them from pants and shorts that the boys have outgrown. Some of the clothes I can pass down but most of them I can't. My boys like to play in the dirt and help their dad with working on greasy stuff. Some things you just can't shout out. LOL
One of most impressive crafts right now is plastic bags. Oh yeah, back on the eco thing again. By the way, I stay on it. Before we started using cloth bags (recycled from clothing) we would get lots of bags every time we went grocery shopping. I searched online and I found an awesome way to recycle them.

Marlos Crochet Corner has this awesome Plastic Tote Bag that you can make. There is a link on the website for the instructions on cutting and tying the bags. Once I get enough of the bags cut and tied, I'll start crocheting them. I thought that I would make at least one bag (probably many more) and use them when we go grocery shopping. I'm not worried about any certain color pattern right now. Most of my bags are white with black writing on them. It's silly for me to go out and find different color bags, that really defeats the purpose anyway. And if this works out, I thought that I would ask my friends to save their bags for us.

Superman has come up with the idea that we should make Christmas stockings instead of buying them. Of course I have all this material that I hoard, so it won't be difficult finding material to use. He has the idea that all 5 of us can make them one weekend. It sounds like an awesome family project to me. I'll have to let you know how that goes.

In the next day or so, I'll tell you all about our pumpkin carving that we did last night.


julie said...

I am curious - how did you manage to marry Superman? sounds like a lot of pressure. ))))

Alta said...

Not any pressure at all. Just another reason why I married him and why I call him Superman. He is just one awesome guy.

karisma said...

Well at least you are keeping on top of things, I kinda feel like I don't know if Im coming or going lately. It is causing a lot of laughter. I am going to go check out this plastic bag idea, a friend of mine makes them into kitchen mats. I usually pass them on to her. I don't get many though as I use my own bags anyway.

The year before last I sewed new stockings for the kids and cross stitched pictures for all of them. My mum and aunt helped as we had a deadline. The kids loved them so much as they saw how much work went into them. They prefer them over the bought ones now.

I will have to take pictures of them when we get them out in December. I am a stickler for waiting until Dec as it drags out too long if you start decorating now.

Alta said...

Granny Karen told me the other day - it doesn't matter if you are coming or going - as long as you are still moving. LOL
I thought that I might do a mat with the bags too. But I thought if I do totes with them first it would certainly make a dent in how many we bring home each time we grocery shop.

karisma said...

Hah! I love Granny Karens words, I think I may just have to put that in a cross stitch and hang it up.