Monday, October 22, 2007

Magic Is...

Magic is what you make it. Magic is looking up at the bright blue sky and saying wow. Magic is seeing all the stars that shine on the darkest of nights. Magic is opening up a gift and never imagining that you would ever own what's inside. It's sticking your feet in the warm sand on the beach and actually feeling the warmth cascade your skin and your soul. It's riding your bicycle without holding on.

Do you believe in magic now? Of course you do. If you don't believe then you have never opened your eyes, ears, nose or mouth. If you don't believe then you have never concentrated on what your hand is touching. You have to get lost in what you see, hear, taste or touch. The velvety touch of a cat as you pet it ever so gently. The smell of a horse, awww so clean and wild. The taste of warm coffee as it touches your tongue. The sight of a child's face as they laugh. The sound of a cat as it gently purrs in your ear.

Magic is what you make it. Believe and you will experience it!


karisma said...

Ahh, music to my ears! Of course I believe in Magic! I believe in fairies too, I have a special place for them in my garden.

Alta said...

Of course you do Karisma. You are part of my magic. Oh fairies - I love them too.