Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Got the Finger

Have you ever had the finger? Do you know what the finger is? I'm sure that everyone knows what the finger is and just what finger I'm talking about.
We were all on the way to see Granny Karen the other day and this pickup truck was in front of me. The speed limit was 55 and the truck was going right at 50. I had the go-ahead to pass. I checked my mirrors, put on my blinker and proceeded to pass. Well the driver (young male) must not have wanted me to be in front of him. He started speeding up when I got beside him. Pure spite is all it was. I refused to play his game so I just slowed down and merged back into the lane behind him. Out the window of his truck came his hand. Oh it wasn't a wave at all, it was the middle finger and I had just been given the official bird. The boy's didn't like that too much either. "Mom, he just shot you a bird". "I know, but it's ok, he was just telling me I am number one". They got a good little chuckle out of that.
About a half mile down the road the guy turned right. Nope, notta blinker or nothing. Oh yeah, he gave a hand signal, but it wasn't the turn sign he used. LOL I got the official bird again. Twice in one day and by the same guy. That's kinda like getting a traffic violation twice in the same day by the same cop. HaHa...
My mom and I talked about the driver's attitude and that he must be just having a bad day. My mom's comment was "Sometimes you just gotta look over people like that". And she is exactly right in her wisdom.

Just another great lesson for the boys.


SegoLily said...

Truly a good lesson. So important to try and put one's self in others shoes. (Though he could just be a jerk and have a lot of "bad days". :)

karisma said...

Ha! Too funny! Thats the way I look at it anyway. There are just too many of those types around these days! Sad but true. I just hate to think what their miserable lives are actually like, that they feel the need to be so ridiculous.

Life is what you make of it. If you behave like a miserable sod, you will have a miserable life. I always tell the kids to just keep smiling. (You know like Barbie did at the end of Toy Story 2) Have a nice day.