Monday, October 15, 2007

More Recycling

Have you ever driven into a town and notice their welcoming sign? We have a couple of towns that have a sign saying "Welcome to ________ We Recycle". Ok, that's cool. I like that idea. I have to do business in these towns every now and then. They used to have old horse trailers that had been converted into Recycle trailers. They park them around the county in different cities. They park them in the same location all the time...except recently.

Yes, until recently. Where in the heck have all the recycle trailers went to? I mentioned that our lives changed after reading an article about plastic. We discussed the article at supper one night and Superman decided that he wanted us to do a little more. Now we are recycling all of our plastic containers. Milk jugs, condiment containers, laundry containers and any thing else that we buy that comes in a plastic container. So we clean them all out, stuff them in a bag and load them in the car. Off to town to rent a movie, stop by the grocery store and hit the recycle trailer. They moved it! Why? It's been there for over a year now, maybe longer. How can we recycle our plastic if the darn trailer isn't there? Now the back of the car has a bag full of plastic containers. I'm gonna tote them around until I see a place to put them.
We cut down on our plastic bag usage when we shop. I mean way down. We now carry our own bags and put our items in our bags - not the stores plastic bags. The boys are really enjoying using our bags and cutting down on the amount of plastic bags that we use.

I'm gonna write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper. That's what I'll do. Maybe just maybe someone can shed some light on the location of the recycle trailers.

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