Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Simple Living - Lesson No. 1 - Food for thought

We are currently living in a very materialistic yet handy world. As the pace of life increases and the almighty dollar takes precedence in our lives, we find ourselves wanting more and hence working more to supply ourselves and our children with all the things they "apparently" need in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

In doing this, we find we have less time to do the everyday, normal things. The things that used to be taken for granted. The things that seem to be coming extinct. For example, cooking a healthy and nutritious meal for your family. You may be thinking, but I do, do that! And yes some of you do, but how many of you would consider that you are supplying your family with a healthy meal, only to find that you are in fact slowly poisoning them?

I want you to take a little trip back in time, and remember what it was like when you were a child. Anyone under 30 years of age may find this a little hard to fathom, but for those of you who are older. Think about when you went to the supermarket, how big was it? What did your mother buy? How much did she buy? Were you satisfied with what you ate? And more importantly, were you healthy? How many kids misbehaved in your school? Not many I bet!

I remember when I was a little girl, we did a weekly supermarket shop on a Thursday night. The trolley would not even have been half full and in those days the trolleys were half the size they are now. Meat, Milk and Bread were all bought fresh on a daily basis. Bread actually went stale over night (the hide of it).

School lunches, consisted of a sandwich and a piece of fruit or a cookie for morning tea. My mother was always home to meet me at the door after school and we ate a family dinner around the table at night. Nothing fancy, your basic meat and three vegies or occasionally spaghetti.

Amazingly, I was never hungry, I very rarely ever got sick and I was a very happy, well behaved and well adjusted child.

Now fast forward at least 20 years and think about it all over again. What goes into those double sized trolleys. What on earth are you feeding to your children this week? Now I promised you an assignment and here it is...................

Next time you go to the supermarket or store to buy your weekly/fortnightly or monthly shopping supplies. I want you to come home and instead of just unpacking them, I want you to take a good look at everything that you have purchased.

Apart from the obvious "ALL THAT PACKAGING" I want you to think about why you purchased each item and was it really necessary. Take a look at the back of each package and read the ingredients.

How many names or codes do you actually understand and recognize?
Do you really know what you are feeding to your children?
How many preservatives and additives are in the food that you are feeding to your children on a daily basis?
How many things in this shop have you purchased with the excuse that the kids need snacks? Or because its easy?
How many of you purchased muesli bars or fruit strips because they sounded healthy? (Read the back of the packet)

Now I want you to think about something else..........

How many children have ADD or ADHD these days?
How many children are dieing from cancer these days?
How many children in the world are suffering from obesity?
Why are children so often sick with virus's these days?
(and heres one from my kids own mouths) Why do kids have such big feet these days? (Hormones maybe?)

What are these children being fed?

In a lot of cases, even the food which is portrayed as healthy, is grown with chemicals. Chickens are injected with growth hormones to make them grow faster to keep up with supply and demand. And we are feeding all this to our kids.

So what do you do? You simplify! Go back to basics! Cook your food from scratch like mom or grandma used to. If the kids are hungry between meals, give them a piece of fruit. (I can hear some of you whining, but my kids won't eat fruit. That is a load of crock. If they are hungry enough, they will eat it. If you do not provide them with rubbish they will eat the healthy food).

Apart from leading a healthier life, you may actually save yourself a lot of that hard earned money! Think about it!


Alta said...

You have simply spoke the truth in this post. The general public doesn't want the truth though. Because the truth is scary and it's not easy.
To you and I, it all makes perfectly good sense.
Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in my thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

kitten said...

I have been thinking on this for over a year. I have always did 3 veggies, 1 meat and maybe bread for super. Well, my kb now 10, started showing signs of maturing too fast and I was concerned. The Dr. said it was the hormones in the beef and chicken. My husband kills a lot of our food so I was stumped. Then I thought about it. She drinks a lot of milk. I have made her back off her milk, I don't how much that will help, but your right, we don't know what we feed our kids. We started our own garden this year because can food are not all that good for you.
Another home school mom is writing a book for her kids when they get older. "Good & Bad Advice from mothers" My comment was, Feed your kids plenty of fresh, frozen or dried bean and peas. Also fresh green leafy veggies. If you start young the will grow up to love it. My kids are healthy, but a little on the chunky side, not fat. They hardly get to go out to eat or get many junk snacks. My deal is I need to teach them portion. I have always been so scared that they weren't getting enough of the good and now they eat too much. I guess it is true, too much of a good thing can be bad for ya.
Sorry my reply is so long, but you hit home. I love reading the blogs.