Friday, May 18, 2007

125 Pounds vs 1500 Pounds Times 3

I walk around my little 4 acre farm and I think of things to write about. By the time I finally get sat back down at the computer all of my thoughts are one big blob. LOL Could that be were the word blog came from? A misspelled word like blob. Just a random thought that went through the fog in my head.

I haven't mentioned the name of our children because the internet is not the safest place. I like the way Karisma from Down Under has talked about her family and the names that she uses for them. For my husband I use the word "Superman". Why? Simply because that is what he is to me and our boys. It isn't easy to give our 3 boys names because they are intersted in so much. Their interest include hunting, camo, guns, knives, fishing, 4 wheelers, critters of all sorts, football, baseball, camping, swimming, mother nature, video games, movies and so much more. If I think and pay close enough attention I suppose I could pin point one thing about each one. Now the question is, can I remember them. LOL Guess I better get to thinking and paying attention.

This morning as the boys went off to school, I decided to turn the horses out early. I put up the barrier (survey tape) across our dead end road, opened the gates so that the horses could go from our property to our neighbors property. I come back inside to get the laundry out of the drier and do a few other things inside. I hear our little beagle barking and stick my head out the door to check on her. I take a closer look and see that our horses have past the barrier and are now in another neighbors yard enjoying their beautiful grass. Oppsss. I call and I call and the horses just lift up their heads with a mouth full of grass and kinda grin at me. Silly little things they are. Little really isn't the right word for a 1500 pound horse. But it will work for now. Ok - what to do? Go to the barn and call and call. Didn't work. Grab the carrot stick and head over to the neighbors house. Aha - I got in front of them and headed them out the gate. Good deal! Nope - they go the wrong way down our dead end road. Of course they do, there is always greener grass on the other side. Now I have to cut through the neighbors yard and get in front of them again. I did it! They trotted back in the right direction, kicking their heals as they go. Oh they are taunting me. LOL Now that I have them on the correct side of the barrier, I put the barrier back up and start back to the house. And they taunt me some more. Our little filly just has to walk right up to the barrier and touch it with her chest. Then she keeps walking into it and stretching it and waiting for it to just break so that they can be free again. I head back toward her and she turns with the bright orange survey tape down her side and across her back end. Trots off kicking her heals and tossing her head. Taunting me again. My turn now! I encourage them to go onto the correct property and then I close the gate. No more getting out today. Hmmm...I certainly hope the neighbors front gate is closed. LOL Maybe I should check that out.

Now to finish hanging out the clothes and get started on all the other things that either need to be done or that I want to do. Oh yeah - the gate...gotta go...see ya!

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karisma said...

Sounds like horses are like big children, always up to mischief. They are such beautiful animals though aren't they? It certainly sounds like they keep you occupied.

Alta aka k9 said...

Horses are exactly like big children. Well our horses are anyway. We try to raise all of our critters like children, we don't treat them like animals. My big bay gelding is the one that gets into most of the mischief, he is always looking for something to get into. And yes, they are beautiful animals. I love them dearly.