Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pulling Teeth

I had to pull my first tooth. No, not mine. Our youngest son has had a tooth loose for a few days now. Last night we finally got a piece of thread, hooked it to the tooth and....

Ok - pulling teeth really isn't funny. My husband said that he just couldn't do it. LOL Let the boys break an arm and he is right there to keep things calm and do what needs to be done. Let a little tooth need to be pulled and it just isn't his cup of tea.

One small bathroom, 1 adult, 3 boys, a cat and a piece of thread. I had to try 4 times to get the thread on the tooth. This is what I heard - "Blood is gonna squirt out", "This is really gonna hurt", "When mom pulls, I'm gonna run". It isn't easy to lasso a wiggly tooth and giggle at the same time. Finally, the tooth is in the lasso. Ok now to just pull. Yeah, right! One of the boys hides behind the shower curtain and one runs out of the bathroom and peeks through the crack in the door. "Is it out yet?" Not yet. He pulls the thread, and he pulls and he pulls. The thread goes 4 inches slack and he pulls 3 inches. It is so funny to watch his face and the others in their position of protecting themselves from the attack of the loose tooth.
The thread falls out of his mouth and wa la, he rolls the tooth out into his hand. What a beautiful sight. My husband steps around the corner wanting to know if the tooth is out yet. I put my hands up in the air like I just scored the worlds first touch down. "My first tooth!" Now the huddle around the tooth. Wow! We did it! And no one got attacked by the loose tooth.

Now our middle son says that he has a loose tooth. Yippee! We get to do this again.

Oh yeah, the cat. She just layed by the sink on the counter top and looked at us as if we were aliens from another planet.


Lisa said...

That is so funny! I am just amazed that you actually did it with string! We had many laughs over this one with our kids and its always been funny to hear them warn the next ones not to trust mum when she has a tissue handy. I always used to tell them there was a little blood on their gum and then just grab it. The look on their faces was priceless when the tooth would just come straight out. I think they were more shocked that it didnt hurt at all! Now you just have to watch out for that "tooth fairy" she seems to have a habit around here lately of leaving extra money after she has already been! I think she has a few too many helpers! Zak loves it anyway!

Alta aka k9 said...

It was hilarious! I did everything I could to keep from laughing and nothing worked. LOL
Kids are always shocked when pulling those baby teeth doesn't hurt. But I guess I am a little shocked too. LOL
Oh yes - I will tell the tooth fairy story. My 9 year old is always amazed by things like that. LOL