Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Introducing Myself

Hi everyone, My name is Karisma and Alta has kindly invited me to start posting on Love Country Living. I thought I would start by introducing myself and tell you a little about me.

I am almost 38, married to Surferboy (39), who I have been with for 24 years now. He is a computer programmer and likes to surf in his spare time (in the ocean, that is). We have six kids living with us. Cameragirl is 18 and her partner Ninjaboy (also 18) lives with us too. Cameragirl if you haven't guessed loves photography and is persuing a career in that field. Ninjaboy wants to be a teacher and is at college (He also dreams of being a Ninja). Next we have the Bookfairy (16), she is in her last year at High school and also would like to be a teacher or a librarian. Then comes the Captain (14) aka Captain Germa to her friends, she is in year 9 at school and wants to go into animation when she grows up. Next we have Gameboy (9 1/2), he is addicted to the computer/internet and any video games you can think of, you name it, he has it and he is still never satisfied. Lastly we have our baby Dinoboy (8) who loves dinosaurs, surfing, gaming with his brother and practically anything thats happening at the time is interesting to him.

As you can imagine they keep us extremely busy and entertained. Our house is a large, happy home and it isn't unusual to find an extra kid or ten here on the weekends. I started homeschooling Gameboy and Dinoboy about nine months ago and although its been quite a challenge we are really enjoying the flexibility and the learning experience together.

We live in Australia and enjoy the beach, the sunshine and spending time with our loved ones. I enjoy crafting, knitting, cross stitch, sewing, reading, the beach and reading my favourite blogs.

I hope you enjoy my posts.

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Alta aka k9 said...

Welcome aboard. I am so greatful that you have joined Love Country Living. Your family sounds divine!