Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mocking Bird Blue Jay

We rescued a little Mocking Bird. Or so we originally thought it was a Mocking Bird. It has turned out that the little Mocking Bird is actually a Blue Jay. When I found the baby bird it was dirty and had dog slobber on it. The dog slobber really made the dirt stick to the baby bird. Now that the dog slobber has dried and the dirt is falling off the feathers sure look blue. Sure enough it is a Blue Jay.

It isn't easy raising wild birds. I have tried in the past from little ones that I have found. The success rate is about 50%. I know I sure said a few prayers for this little guy.

Yesterday the boys and I spent all day at the river. Our neighbor was kind enough to bird sit for us. She is a wonderful lady and loves animals just as much as my family does. On the way home we stopped at her house and picked up our little Blue Jay. She had found a bird cage that she is now letting us use for a little while. She was even kind enough to take some pictures of him. She has also given him the name of JayBee.

We have now put a piece of driftwood that we found at the river in the bird cage. I put JayBee on the driftwood and at first he didn't have very good balance. That certainly has changed today. Today he is up on the driftwood begging for something to eat. It is so funny to watch him stretch his wings. The boy's are really enjoying this little guy being in the house.

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