Monday, May 07, 2007

Join Our Family

I would like to have one or two more writters for this blog. If you are interested in writting on "A simplier life. Made in the USA. Ramblings from a Country family and the country life. Crafts, critters, cooking and more..." Then you are invited to write for this blog. If your speciality is crafts then write about crafts. If you love cooking and sharing your recipes or tips then join us. There are many things that you can write about. Be creative, have fun and share with us all how you do it.


Lisa said...

Hi Alta, I would love to write for your blog occassonally. I might as well seems Im the only one who seems to leave my opinions anyway. LOL. How would I go about it. I still havent even started my own blog yet and am not sure how it works. Would I just email something to you so you can edit it and post?

PS. I fixed the jumper, and my head doesnt feel quite so fat anymore it fits beautifully. Just finished off sewing it together. Will send a photo to you later when I work out how to do it LOL. Maybe that could be my first subject a post about my jumper woes...... What do you think?

Blessings, Lisa
PS send me your email address so I can send you a nice letter with a picture of my family. I feel like we are great friends already anyway but would like to tell you a bit more about

Alta aka k9 said...

Hello Lisa! I would love to have you write for my blog. You always have wonderful insight.

I think maybe one other reader may have left a comment but I can always depend on your comments. And I love them!

I am so glad that you got the jumper fixed. I knew you could do it. Your jumper woes (lol) would make a great first time post. Blogging is so wonderfully easy. It is just a journal that you keep online. You just sign up with a blog host, such as and then you can customize your blog pretty much the way you want it.

What I would really like to do is just give you a user name that you could use to sign into this blog and then you can could post as if it were your own blog. You could even add html if you would like. And of course pictures!
I am kinda funny about posting pictures of our family because of all the bad people in the world. But I am sure that you can understand that. The more I blog the more I am considering adding some family pictures. I am sure they will come eventually.

I have no way to send you an email because the wonderful thing about is that they are kept private. If you look on the left side of this blog you will find a place to sign up for my newsletter. Once you sign up, I will be sent your email address. Then I will be able to email you and you can email me and so on and so on.

Once you sign up for the newsletter, I will email you. Then you can email me the user name that you would like to use for posting on Love Country Living blog.

Have a wonderful day! And an even better day tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day!