Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Mother's Day

Today was my day! Mother's Day! Today was every Mother's Day!

With this being my very first official Mother's Day, I thought that I would tell you a little bit about how it went.

I got to sleep in, I didn't get out of bed until 9:30 am. Yes, it was nice. Once I got out of bed I could hear all the chatting with the kids. It was a sweet sound for my ears. This was the first time in my life that I have ever heard this sound on Mother's Day.

I started my morning task of brushing my teeth and getting dressed. I walked out of the bedroom and told everyone good morning. No one mentioned Mother's Day. The boys were doing their breakfast thing and going about their morning routine. I checked a few emails and then my dear Superman was starting to get out of bed and move around. After about 30 minutes I had to go and turn the horses out. I thought that I would just kinda piddle around the barn and in the yard, so that is what I did for about another 30 minutes. As I walked around the barn area and the yard, I was smiling and for some reason I felt happy in my heart. A happiness that I never remember feeling before. It felt really good.
When I walked in the house the kids were in their rooms doing something that their dad had them doing. Of course I knew that they were all up to something. LOL

My husband ask me to sit down and then he called in the boys. He huttled with them a second or two and then they ran off just a giggling. Then they all came back and presented me with the most adorable hand written cards. The youngest had made a gift in art class for me. They presented me with all the cards, a white paper bag and a little box.

I read the cards from each of the boys and cherished every word that was written, no matter how it was spelled. Then I opened the little white paper bag and inside was beautiful blue tissue paper. I teased them and ask if there was anything in there that would bite me. They giggled. Then I ask if I had to feed or water it. And they giggled even more. Finally I opened the little white paper bag and pulled out the beautiful blue tissue paper. I opened the tissue paper and wrapped inside was a beautiful little lady bug pin. Oh boy - now the eyes begin to swell with tears. Knowing that lady bugs are a sign of good luck and that the lady bug is used as the symbol for adoption, I knew that everything was coming together. I opened the box from my husband and the boys and inside was my gift card to my favorite store - Barnes & Noble Book Store. Loving the feeling of being a mom and loving what Mother's Day meant. All of the boys ended up in my lap with hugs and kisses and giggles.

Later in the day we all took a ride to the ocean. On the way to the ocean, we rode through the woods and looked at dear tracks. We talked with the kids and showed them how to spot a dear track. They loved it. My husband loved it. And, I loved it.

What a simple, joyous, wonderful day today was. My first Mother's Day.

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