Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Five Day Weekend

The kids are off to school and as usual, I turn on the radio with my favorite station and begin my daily routine. I start the laundry, let the dogs out, straighten up the house a little, wash a few dishes, make the homemade fabric softener, hang some clothes out, start another load of laundry, feed the dogs, turn out the horses, read a few emails, all while listening to the radio. Dang it - now I'm tired. LOL

On the radio I hear something about a 5 day weekend and a website that someone has created to support the idea. In my mind I am thinking, now how in the world will this ever work? There is no way that I can imagine it working. Well, maybe in a perfect world it could work. Then I a perfect world we wouldn't need the 5 day weekend movement. I am really starting to think that this is something that someone just dreamed up to get donations, sell a few shirts and basically earn a living promoting this idea.

Problems I see with the 5 day weekend are...
1. What about Law Enforcement?
2. What about shopping if there is a 5 day weekend? I mean, if the stores are closed during those 5 days, how does one shop. Even buy gas for their vehicles.
3. 911 - my goodness, this really scares me.
4. Child services such as the Department of Children and Families. If there is a child abuse case during the 5 day weekend and no one is working, do we (society) leave the child in the home until they are beat to death?
5. What about doctors, hospitals, Fire Fighters, Emergency Services and others?
6. What about teachers?
7. Public transportation?
8. Public services?

The group for the 5 day weekend mention that with our technology that this can work. With technology come electircity and the internet. Who would repair any power outages? Who would work to repair any internet errors? Maybe I am missing something. But I still don't know how this can work. The only thing I can figure out is that it has to be rotated, work in shifts maybe.

The more I look at their website and the more I think about it, I really only see that this really is someones idea to earn a living. To do exactly what they are protesting against and that is to work more and make more money. Remember that is just my opinion and of course you are intitled to yours.

I won't put a link to the website here because I do not support their ideas. You can go to any search engine and type in 5 day weekend and you will be able to pull up the website. One pointer - it is a .org not a .com.

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