Thursday, May 24, 2007

Give Me Country Living

What does Country Living mean to you?

To me - Country Living means family. Country Living means growing as a family. Fields planted with vegetables and crops for the cows, sheep, pigs, horses or whatever you have on the farm or even in your back yard. A simple life where it is not ruled by the electronic gadgets of today.

Waking up early and thinking of those aching muscles from the previous days labor. Sitting on the front porch in the morning and listening to the animals all wake up and sing to the glorious day. Walking down to the barn to say good morning to all of the critters. Looking across the pasture and seeing all the green grass that the livestock frolic in. Getting a nuzzle from any of the critters that you so love. The smell of the hay room, feed buckets rattling, the neighs and whinnies, the moo's, baa's, cackles and so many more wonderful sounds. The feel of freedom when the doors are open and everyone runs out to frolic in the grass. Knowing that you have to mow, weed or work on the fence or the tractor. It sure beats the commute in traffic. Knowing that live is simple and not worrying about what might happen, because you take it as it happens and you deal with it.

Smelling the wonderful smells of the house as you walk in the door. Knowing what's for dinner because as soon as you walk in the house you can smell the biscuits baking, the chicken and dumplings cooking and you can feel the warmth of home.

Rocking in a rocking chair with a gentle breeze blowing across your face and you say "Thank you Lord, that breeze feels so nice".

It doesn't matter how big your space, it is what you make of the space you have.

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karisma said...

Sounds like heaven! I dream of the day I can live that life away from suburbia and annoying neighbours. For now there is the ocean and the sky, I'll keep dreaming!