Monday, May 07, 2007

The Lady I Call Mom

With the approaching of Mother's Day, I thought that I would give some random thoughts about my mom. First I have to say that we just celebrated her 71st birthday. My husband grilled his delicious hamburgers and I had baked a cake for her. As we sat around the table holding hands to bless our meal, I gave the honor of saying grace to my mom. She gave grace like only a mom can do and as she usually does. After her Amen - with my eyes closed I said that I had something to add to the prayer. I thanked God for giving me one more year to spend with her. And of course she and I cried and hugged after my Amen.

You have to remember that this will be my first Mother's Day. For some reason this day is really starting to seem special to me. Hmmm - I wonder why? LOL

My mom has always been a very simple lady. I may have heard her cuss once. And that is a big maybe. She always had a way of getting to us when we were children. I think it was "Just wait until your dad gets home". Yep - I think that may have been it. LOL I know it sure would set me straight.

My mom didn't learn how to drive until I was either in my senior year or I may have just graduated. My dad could never teach her to drive because he just didn't have the patience. The teaching was left up to my first husband. He was a saint with her. To this day she still drives. I kinda limit as to where she can drive, and the big city is out of the question. Her reactions are just not quick enough and I am more concerned that someone would run over her than her running over them.

My mom was born in a small town. The building that she was born in is now a restaurant. She has lived within 10 miles of where she was born for her entire 71 years. If I remember correctly her family only lived in 2 places. One of them was on the farm where her father worked. He rented the house from his employer. His earnings per week were enough for them to somehow buy a 120 acre farm. His earnings then for the week would not buy a loaf of bread in today's times. On this 120 acre farm was a tiny little house. If you remember the house from the TV series Little House on the Prairie, then you know what the house looked like. Yes, she did her homework by lamp light. Sometime in the 1940's and something to do with the war, the government built her family a concrete block house. Can you believe that both houses still stand today? Her father used the old house for a storage shed for corn and hay for the cows. It became the corn crib or so that is what they called it.

My mom lived in a house that had no insulation and no air conditioning. That is how she grew up. Her mom cooked on a wood stove until she passed away. I can remember the smells of that house and how I miss them. Like I said, both houses are still standing today. About 4 years ago the concrete block house was set on fire. It was damaged more by smoke than anything else. The fire damaged the old wiring and some damage the roof and rafters. My cousin now lives in the house. She renovated it and kept the same floor plans. Pretty much the only changes were to the ceiling to include insulation.

My mom met my dad at a church gathering. They courted and then they married. My dad was the world to my mom and of course my mom was the world to my dad. They were married for 43 wonderful years. My dad passed away in 2004.

My mom was always home for us. She was always there to give us hugs and kisses. She was always there after school. She has always been there for us. I know that one day she will go to be with God and my dad. I do not welcome that day.

My mom is a wonderful lady! I cherish my mom with all of my heart! I am thankful for my mom! I love my mom and I know she loves me!

Thank you for reading about the wonderful lady that I call mom.

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