Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Broken Glass

On my first day of posting, I was having a lovely day. We arose this morning and started the day with a our lessons, followed by some tie dying using pebbles and elastic bands. Gameboy and Dinoboy were being so good I decided to take them to the beach for a nice walk. It was very relaxing and we were happy and amused to find a sheepish looking Ninjaboy waiting on the doorstep when we got home.

He was home for lunch from college and had forgotten his key. We all went inside and went about our business for a while when he came out, head down and informed me he had broken a window. You see he hadn't actually waited patiently out the front, he had tried to break in through the back bathroom window (which I might add is quite high). He was quite proud of his genius when he pulled the trampoline over climbed up, managed to open the VERY SMALL window and get himself halfway in. At which time he elbowed the window and smashed it. He promptly went back out the way he came and feeling sorry for himself waited out the front for our return.

Why would he do such a thing you may ask? Its quite simple really, this was typical logic for a teenage boy. "I am locked out of the house so I must find a way in." It's the manly thing to do after all.

If it had been one of the girls, firstly they would have called one of our mobiles to see where we were. Or perhaps they would have gone round the corner to Nana's house or Aunty's house in the next street. But that did not even cross his mind. When I asked him why he didn't tell me straight away, he said he was scared he would get into trouble. I just shook my head and went to another room and had a good laugh (He looked so forlorn). I was grateful that he confessed and that he didn't hurt himself. After all it could have been worse, he could have cut himself. (After inspecting the window, I was amazed that he didn't.) It was only a small window and can be replaced, so I am not angry.

I am thankful that he didn't hurt himself. I am thankful for my lovely day. I am thankful for my walk on the beach. And I am thankful for such wonderful children. I will be even more thankful if the kids wash the dishes tonight as my dishwasher is broken which is much sadder than the window.

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Alta aka k9 said...

WOW! Thank goodness he wasn't hurt. We tell our kids if they break something to come let us know right away. They won't be in trouble for breaking it but it is important to tell us so that we can get it fixed. Now if they don't come and tell us right away then they will be in trouble for not telling.