Monday, November 12, 2007

Are Bloggers Way To Serious

I think bloggers are getting way to serious. I know when I had websites I was serious about it. I was serious because I had a product to sell. I had to get my Google page rank as high as I could get it. Every day I was adding links and doing back links and creating a chain that would eventually go somewhere. I bought domain names and I paid for hosting. I did this and I did that. What it all led up to was me selling my business. Why? I was inside way to much. I wanted to be outside with Mother Nature.

Now I have a blog. Am I serious about it? You better believe I am! I want my Google page rank. I want my cake and eat it too. Am I way to serious? I don't think so. I'm doing more offline than I am doing online. I am able to go outside. I'm also able to home school my 3 boys. Ok, so maybe you are able to be a super blogger, while on the other hand am just a blogger. That's ok with me. I'm happy. You're happy. That's what counts.

For you way to serious bloggers, here is some info that I have been researching.

Do follow blogs:
What does this mean to you? You can visit the "do follow" blogs, and leave comments on any posts you choose. The search engines count every comment as a link to your website. When the search engines count your comments as a link to your website, then you get more traffic. That sounds pretty simple. However, (you knew there was a catch) there are a few rules that apply.

You can find the "do follow" blogs by doing a search on "do follow blogs" in any search engine. Or you can cruise right on over to Happy Nutritionist Nuggets and find a very long list of "do follow" blogs.

You can also find back links to your blog. How? I just knew you were gonna ask me that.
Here's how: Type the following link in your web browser address bar. Blog
Replace the red capital letters with your blog name. For example -

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