Saturday, November 17, 2007

News Sickens Me

Please read with caution. If you have a squeamish stomach, please stop here.

I almost want to stop reading the news online. Why? Because the news sickens me. How and why people do things so horrible and think that they can get away with it? Where do they get these wild outlandish ideas that they can do the things they do?

In our local newspaper today, I opened an article about an abuse case. No big deal, abuse happens every day. That's not what I was thinking. But some of you may be thinking that. It's ok and your right, abuse does happen every day. I have an abuse history, I was the abused. Never, ever again!
Family charged in bizarre abuse case
More than bizarre! A horrible story!

Woman Dead In Despicable Home. Another horrible story!

Former sheriff sentenced in corruption case. What in the heck could he be thinking? Did he think that he was smart enough not to get caught? If anyone should know better, it should be a former sheriff.

36 Million Drivers Would Flunk Drivers Tests. I've been saying this all along. And I think I have to drive with about 50% of them every time we have to go into the city. Even if you think you are a safe driver, please take a look at National Road Safety Foundation. They are offering free programs to the public. What have you got to loose by not looking? Nothing but your life!


karisma said...

This is what our world has become. Sad but true. I do not even watch the news much anymore because I do not want to hear it. This week alone, there have been two cases of house invasions where toddlers were bashed or stabbed. Who in their right mind does something like that?

Alta said...

It's horrible what our world has become. I can understand doing things to protect yourself but goodness gracious. People can be horrible.