Thursday, November 08, 2007

Old and New

I remember my grandmother wearing an apron in the kitchen and some days when she was doing some of her chores. I have been to several friends homes to find them wearing an apron. I look at some of my clothes and see the cooking stains on them. They end up in the work shirt pile because they are just not decent enough for me to wear away from the house. I think - hmm...if only I followed what my grandmother did (wear an apron) then I wouldn't have more work shirts than good shirts.

I have thought for several years now about making my own aprons. I look at some of the patterns and they just don't strike my fancy. Well you know what? I found an awesome website that has changed my mind. You will not believe the way the old and new have come together. You gotta check it out.

Domestic Darlings has some awesome aprons. They also have matching aprons for mom and daughter. How about a Halter Apron?! Lightweight cotton halter apron with ties at the neck and waist. Lightweight so you don't feel like you are wearing a coat while you are keeping your clothes underneath clean. Lightweight cotton headband. Decorative tie hides elastic. They are awesome. Go check them out, maybe even buy one for yourself or for someone special for Christmas. Stylish and beautiful. No more granny aprons for me!

Domestic Darlings not only have beautiful aprons, they have an awesome blog.One really cool thing is that they are a home-based kitchen and fashion design and production company.

If you are interested in entering in their Domestic Darlings Apron Give-away, then hop on over to their blog and enter today.

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