Monday, November 12, 2007


About 2 weeks ago, the boys and I were running an errand. I was driving in the parking lot of Walmart in search of a parking space. I was driving down one of the parking aisles and driving slow because that's what is proper to do and there were people walking to their cars or walking toward the store. I generally park pretty far away from the building because I think we all need just a little more exercise. I passed up about 4 or 5 empty spaces and started to pull into the parking space. The space was on my right side. I looked in my right mirror (as I always do) and out the window at the same time. I stopped quickly. There was a car that was about to pass me on the right side, in the parking spaces. I guess I just wasn't driving fast enough for the driver and they wanted to go around me.
Let me think for a minute here...
It's a parking lot, not a race track.
You don't pass on the right.
It's illegal and dangerous to drive through the parking spaces.
There were people walking around.

In my personal opinion, it just isn't worth it. It took the driver longer to almost hit me than it would have to just wait patiently behind me.


Jezla said...

I've seen people do that before. I've also had people pass on the median just to beat me to a red light. Huh?!

I'm a habitual speeder, but really dumb driving gets my goat.

Alta said...

I agree with you on the dumb driving. I think that there should be a law against DWS - Driving While Stupid.