Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday

Were you out shopping on Black Friday? I wasn't! No way - no how! I refuse to subject myself to all the pushing and shoving, crowds and waiting in line. I generally don't even leave my property on Black Friday. However, there were a few things that we preplanned and we attended. Ha - and I didn't have to spend any money. With the exception of gas that was already in my car.

We went to the Hart Springs Pow Wow. It was free to get in. This was our first Pow Wow and it was my scouts first adventure. It was fun and a learning adventure. I am impressed that the scout leader arranged this for his troop.
After the Pow Wow we went to a birthday party for one of our friends from our homeschool group. We really enjoyed that too. Wow - our friendship is growing in our homeschool group.

Now...the reason I don't usually leave my property on Black Friday is because people seem to act stupider than they usually act. They pay absolutely no attention to stop signs, traffic lights, people walking or any darn thing else. It's dangerous enough to be out on the roads when everything is pretty much normal - but darn - throw in stores opening early, sales and gotta get it before anyone else does - and then it's just one big circus.
One thing about it - I am certainly not part of anyone's circus.


karisma said...

Well, we dont have Black Friday over here but last week we had terrible Thursday. I went into a store and lasted all of five minutes before leaving in disgust. They were having a sale and decided to block all the middle of the aisles so that people clogged all the walk ways. Absolutely ridiculous, even the lady at the door checking bags wanted to leave with me, when I stated this was not the day for me to be shopping and promptly left.

Alta said...

Terrible Thursday. LOL
We have those days everyday around here. That's why I rather stay home.
Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It's a day to shop or so they say. All the stores open early and are supposed to have some really great sales.
They call it Black Friday because all of the stores make a profit on that day.