Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just Rambling

I think all of our surgeries and doctor appointments are over for at least a week. I know I sure hope so. So many days I just wanna stay home. I want to have our little school time, get our chores done and then all of us run off and play. Today JD was supposed to be doing his chores but I busted him playing with a few of his cars. I said to him that I wanted to play too. He commented back that I was an adult and I didn't have toys. It was really cute. I explained to him that even grown ups have toys. I have my painting, sewing, reading, gardening, horses and a few other things. He just kinda looked at me and you could tell by the look on his face that he never thought of those things as toys. Yes, even adults have toys.

Today I managed to get a little more organization inside. It certainly isn't anywhere near how I like it to be, but I guess I have to find a happy medium. If I can't find a happy medium, then I would have to have a dumpster back up to the door and just start throwing things out.

About a year ago, we had our place up for sale. We had a buyer (or so we thought). He jerked us around and kept us tied up for a little over 3 months. Superman and I had finally had enough and put our feet down (so to say). We had a beautiful little 40 acres with an awesome house on it, all picked out and we had started the paperwork. The sale of our new place was pending and waiting for the sale of our place here. It all fell through because the buyer couldn't come up with the money. As it turned out, it worked best in our interest. That doesn't mean that we weren't upset about it then, but now is a different story. We look back at it now an know that it really was a blessing in disguise.
We had packed everything, with the exception of a few clothes and a few dishes. Everything that we had packed, we put in a semi trailer. Instead of spending over $5000 for a storage shed, we bought a semi trailer for $1500.
Yesterday, Superman and I were in the semi trailer for about 2 hours doing a little organizing and figuring out what boxes we could use in the house. We brought about 6 boxes in the house and today I unpacked them. I made sure to bring in my paintings. This afternoon I managed to get them all hung up. I wanted to paint before I did that, but it's ok. I like the pictures and the painting is gonna have to wait a little bit longer.

Speaking of painting. I joined a couple of online points type websites. I joined them with the idea of getting enough points to get my paint for free or almost free. I have been members for about 6 months now and I figure that before a year goes by I will be able to get most of my paint for free. One of my favorites is Gather. Come on - join me. What have you got to loose.
Keep informed on! Content ranges from politics to cooking, and we earn Gather Points™ or cash for using the site!View my content here: brighteyesk9

Another one is My Points. I get 1 or 2 emails a day and I earn at least 5 points per email. I'm just waiting until I get a lot of points before I spend them.

I'm also doing the coke rewards. The only draw back on it, is I have dial up and it takes forever to load.

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