Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun Monday? LOL

Ok, I'm supposed to be participating in something called Fun Monday. I haven't done anything like this before and I'm kinda stumped. But I'm gonna give it a try. Here goes my attempt. HaHaHahahaha

Today I am so frazzled, I just can't remember my name. Karisma is hosting the Fun Monday this week. Her theme is "A trip down memory lane."

I have thought and thought about one thing that really sticks out from my past. I have so darn many that I can't remember just one. I think it just came to me.

I was always daddy's little girl. I remember so many wonderful things that happened when I hung out with dad. And I hung out with dad A LOT.

There were the times when we walked in the garden that my dad was so extremely proud of.
This one year (I was about 4 years old), he had planted green onions (scallions) and I loved green onions. I walked in every footstep that daddy made. About every 5th or 6th foot step, I would reach down and crop off the green onions and eat them. Now if daddy hadn't of looked back and saw me doing it, he would have certainly thought that the rabbits had gnawed them off even with the ground. It's all daddy's fault for introducing them to me.

Cuss! Oh I could cuss with the best of them. Com'on, I hung out with my dad. ps - and i still can!

I'm tellin you, I used to walk right in his foot steps. Or...his lawn mower tracks. Oh yeah, he was mowing my grannies grass one day (out of many days) and of course I was walking behind the lawn mower. Not close of course but I was there. I was walking and watching...A part fell off of the mower, I reached down and picked it up. I remember the thoughts in my head at the time. I was going to take it to daddy. Oh it was hot, so, so very hot. Hot enough that it stuck to my hands and I couldn't throw it down. I didn't know it then but I certainly know it now - A muffler off of a mower is hot. Yes indeed I screamed. I screamed loud enough that my dad heard me over the noise of the mower. I remember him jumping off of the mower and coming to my rescue. I don't remember if he stopped the mower, I'm sure he did, but I just don't remember that part. As far as I know that darn mower is still driving around somewhere. LOL

When I was 3 years old, my sister was born. I sure didn't like her very much. I remember sitting on my brand new swing set, just a swinging away and having the time of my life. The garbage men came to collect the garbage and I politely ask them to take my sister with them. Of course, they declined. Sometimes, I almost wish they would have taken her instead of the garbage. Hahahahahahaha

I don't have any real old photos of myself. Certainly not from when I was 3 years old. My mom has all of those pictures. However, I do have the photos below. The one on the right is my mom and dad on their wedding day. My mom was and is beautiful. My dad was handsome. Because he is only with us in our hearts I won't say that he is handsome. However, he was always my hero.

Back row - Mom and Dad
Front row - My sister that the garbage man
wouldn't take, Aunt Rosie, Granny Eddie, my
cousin Shirley, and last but not least - Me at
10 years old.

My handsome dad and my beautiful mom in August of 1960.


Emma in Canada said...

Your dad was very handsome. And your mum is lovely.

I've never actually come across anyone who offered up their sister to the garbage man! Too sweet.

Pamela said...

now days, kids might consider reclying their little sisters.
But, you most likely want to keep her now

karisma said...

Well, for someone who did not know what to do. You sure did very well! Great job. Now I don't believe that you would "cuss" not you. But it sure sounds like you were quite a handful.

Very funny about the little sister. You must have felt quite put out to want to do that.

I love the family pictures too.

kitten said...

Beautiful pictures. Most little girls do hang out with their daddy. I'm glad you had them there.

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

After reading this, I understand why you encouraged me to write more about my mother; your remembrances of your father are lovely. And your pictures? Nostalgiacally delicious:).

Thanks for your encouragement...:)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Oh, I bet that mower part was sizzling. OUCH!

You have some wonderful family photos. Your parents were fab!

alisonwonderland said...

i love the garbage man story! :o)

what great old photos!

Bren said...

I got a chuckle about you asking the garbage men to take your sister.

Debbie said...

Lovely photos and a cute story about wanting your sister taken away! :)