Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Mothers Eat Their Young

I figured out today why mothers eat their young. I mean the animal mothers of course. And of course this is a funny and not a serious.

Today my kids have driven me slap up the wall. I think that my head may have actually spun around and flew off.

This is what I have heard today...


I tried to pretend I didn't hear them. But it only got worse.
I tried listening to them. But it only got worse.
I tried talking to them. But it only got worse.
I tried and I tried. But it only got worse.

I finally hid escaped in my bedroom. I think they know that when I hide disappear into my bedroom that I need some momma time. They were quiet at little mice for the rest of the afternoon. How come I couldn't figure it out before I climbed the wall and my head spun around and flew off? I don't know. I think moms are supposed to do that every now and then. That way they don't eat their young.


dawn said...

Oh, there..have..been...days! I have done the same thing, hiding in my room. One time when my 2 oldest were 3 and 2, they were fighting and I hid after hours of the same thing. They were outside the door and it escalated. They were fighting over pennies. They started physically beating on each other, all the while yelling "Mom, help me!". Finally, after about 3 minutes of the physical battering, them completely out of control, I came out pulled them apart and said "See...money is the root of all evil, you were willing to kill each other over a few pennies!". They never fought like that again.

Yep, there are days.

Alta said...

That is so darn funny! Thank you for adding a funny to my day!

Debs said...

I have had those days.

What is bad is when the hubby gets in on the mom? mom? mom? what you doing? what you doing? action.