Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Junk Mail

I get so much junk mail it isn't even funny. Today I was going through the mail and sorting it out between the 5 of us. I open some of the stuff to see if it is important. Most of it isn't important at all. Today I opened a credit card offer. I was just curious. There is no way I want any more credit cards. We are finally getting things paid off and getting rid of so many of our bills. Debt free one day for me!

Ok, back to the credit card offer that I opened. I read a cute little note that said something about how wonderful the credit card is and you would get 0% interest until 2008. Sounds good but darn 2008 is less than 50 days away. Now if they would have said 0% interest until 2013 or 2050, I might have changed my mind and applied for it right then and there.
I knew that it was something I would shred right after I opened it. I went to throw it in my shred pile and I saw the back of it. Oh yeah - the fine print on the back. 23.97% interest! I cannot honestly belief that I used to fall for that. I have no idea how people fall for such a wonderful crappy offer.

In today's society, with a gallon of milk almost $5, why haven't others seen the light when it comes to credit cards.

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Laura said...

I agree with you. Getting junk mail can be frustrating!