Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tis The Season

There is no doubt that the season is upon us. The season for fairs, carnivals, festivals and just about anything to get one to spend money. It's inevitable. Everywhere you go throughout the year there are places offering to trade all kinds of stuff for your money.

Tis The Season to spend money. LOL Now that we have children, we can spend more than I ever could have imagined. Groceries for preteen and teen boys is something else. I either have a football team or an Army. And there's only 3 of them.

I generally take the boys grocery shopping with me. They love to make the grocery list and even the errand list. They love to put the items in the cart and they enjoy putting them on the counter at check out time. They compete for the shopping cart. I made that easy by setting the rule of who sits up front has to open and close the gate and push the cart. It's almost like it is their grown up day. We keep a little notepad in the car and we write down their names when they sit up front. We stick by that list no matter what.

Speaking of carnivals and fairs and such. Today we had doctor appointments for Granny (my mom) and Granny Karen, in the city. After the doctor appointments we had planned on getting horse feed and then head to the fair. While I was placing my order for the horse feed, I found a flier for the fair. Opens at 4 pm! Oh NO! I talked to the boys about the opening time and we came to an agreement. Since we had already had to run all over the place and still take the horse feed home, maybe we should just wait until tomorrow for the fair. They agreed! Not only did they agree but all 3 of them agreed to do one school lesson this afternoon. Ok - who switched my kids! LOL

I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I decided to give the boys half the day off. Oh they were all for that. One thing I have noticed about them - if I just don't feel really well, they tell me it's ok if I go and take a nap. They are always so good when I nap. They either play outside or they sit and watch a movie quietly.

Since all the carnivals, fairs and festivals are up and running, I'm off to do some planning. Fun time agenda is on the way.


MKuehler said...

Not spending money takes willpower, determination, and self-control. As long as you stay home, away from the tv, newspaper, magazines, radio, and computer, you will not be bombarded with opps to spend money. Good luck this season!

Talina said...

Resisting the urge to spend money is easy for me since I don't have much.. It's important to live within your means.. We are working hard at it!

By the way I found your site from your Gather article..